Didja Know We Had Sports Stars, Entertainment Stars, Famous Scientists and Military Leaders?

The members of Clan Guthrie come from every walk of life and from virtually anywhere on the face of the earth. Though we share a common Scottish ancestory, today we may be found co-mingled in any ethnic group you can imagine. We love to hear the stories from our membership about their lives, personal histories, and accomplishments. As Guthries, we're often asked if we're related to Arlo, but the scope of our fame spans past Alice's Restaurant into other endeavors. Here's a starter list of Guthries who've made their mark on the world. Please send us your suggestions for additional "Didja Know" listings or Guthrie News to the Newsletter Editor.


Sir Tyrone Guthrie. Commonly called the "finest director in the English-speaking world," Sir Tyrone founded The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. (for more info...)

Arlo Guthrie. In the early days of Progressive FM radio, Arlo set the standards for long songs with "Alice's Restaurant." His star continued to shine at Woodstock and with the Top 10 hit "City of New Orleans." (for more info...)

Woody Guthrie. A folk song pioneer, Woody's musical offspring are in a league by themselves: Dylan, Springsteen, etc. Known for "This Land is Your Land," Woody made an incredible impact in the world of the working man through his union organizing activities, singing about the plight of the workers to singing about their banding together to do something about it. (for more info...)

James Guthrie. Rock music producer, James was behind the control board during Pink Floyd's "The Final Cut" and Toto's Grammy-award winning debut album.

Gary Guthrie. Regarded as the radio Program Director who spliced together solo versions of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" for Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond giving the duo one of their biggest hits.


Janet Guthrie. Sports trivia buffs everywhere know that the first woman to drive in the Indy 500 was one of our own. Janet began when driving in 1961 but entered her first high speed race two years later. She began high-speed racing in 1963. In 1964 Janet entered endurance racing and successfully finished in the top three American races 9 times running. Learn more about our speedy cousin in this video narrated by drivers including Janet herself: "Adventures of Janet Guthrie"

Jim Guthrie. How's this for one year: 13th at Las Vegas; 6th at Orlando; 1st at Phoenix (where ABC-TV analysts called Jim's triumph, "The Cinderella" story); 26th at Indianapolis 500; 12th at Charlotte; 4th at Las Vegas, Rookie of the Year 1997? That's becoming "everyday work" for Jim, one of the hottest drivers on the circuit.

Mark Guthrie. "Bats right, throws left"... This major league baseball star began his walk of fame (I guess that should be "strike of fame", huh?) at LSU where he was all conference. The Minnesota Twins and the L.A. Dodgers have both been lucky to have him save many a game for them.

Politics and Military

James Guthrie. Founded the L&N Railroad, Secretary of the Treasury, first President of the University of Louisville, and U.S. Senator. People in Kentucky still want to know why it's called "Louisville" and not "Guthrieville". (for more info...)

General lord Charles Guthrie. As chief of the United Kingdom's defense staff, General Sir Charles Guthrie, spoke for all three armed services during his tenure. For a look at Charles' fascinating life, click here.


Beck Guthrie. Physician who wrote the formula for Contac, the world's largest-selling cold remedy.

Frederick Guthrie. The idea man behind the "Four Color Theorem" in map making. (for more info...)

Dr. Robert Guthrie, inventor of screening tests for newborns. (for more info...)

Samuel Guthrie (1728 - 1848), American physician who invented a percussion powder and a punch lock for exploding it, thus making obsolete the flintlock musket. And, if that wasn't enough, in 1831 he discovered chloroform. (for more info...)


A.B. Guthrie Jr. Pulitzer-prize winning author of "The Way West", nominated for an Academy Award for writing the screenplay for the western "Shane".


There are "Guthrie" towns everywhere: Guthrie, Oklahoma (used to be the state capital), Kentucky, North Dakota, Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, West Virginia (oh, yeah, and Guthriesville South Carolina, too!). And, let's not forget Guthrie, Ontario, and the Guthrie School at C.F.B Namao (Air Force base) for our Canadian brethren.

Savannah Clark Guthrie 

(born December 27, 1971)

Savannah is an American journalist and attorney, working for NBC News. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savannah_Guthrie)

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Brett Guthrie

Reston, VA (Nov 9, 2008) Senator Barak Obama's world-shaking election as the first African-American president of the United States was not the ONLY history made in Tuesday's election. It was a historic night for Clan Guthrie as well!

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"Transformed and Renewed" by William Guthrie

William Guthrie is a student of the human condition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush. The pages are a blank canvas on which to draw from a talent heralded by many and matched only by an imagination that rises to the task. “Transformed and Renewed” is the second in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up.

All too often I have gone to clergy conferences where the mere subject of “Clergy Wellness” is treated with dispassionate academic abandonment. It might have been a college course entitled “Clergy Wellness 101.” For the first time I have come across a read...indeed a position that treats the “cause and effect” elements of the problem with passionate understanding and grace. Our brother, William Guthrie, a devoted priest of the church, seeks healing and wholeness for us all. He understands, more than most, that physicians are indeed capable of healing themselves when they acknowledge that we all have an illness of some sort which keeps us from being effective tools of grace for the Holy Spirit. His honesty and forthrightness give us hope that we may have healing in the body at last! ~ The Rev. Dr. C. David Williams, Retired Dean, Trinity and St. Philip’s Cathedral, Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey.

Depression is a serious medical condition that affects millions of people. In “Transformed and Renewed,” William Guthrie offers fellow clergy a safe space to face this condition in a spirit of hope and acceptance. This is an important resource to help change the mindset of the community as to how we all can provide support for pastors in distress. ~John E. Harris, Jr., National President, Union of Black Episcopalians.

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