"How many did you catch?", the King asked his serf. "Gut three," the serf replied in his best Scottish brogue.

This story is but one possibility of how we came to be known as "Guthrie". We know that our heritage and ancestry is deep and wide. Members of Clan Guthrie USA can access and share resources to identify ancient kin, see where our paths cross, and how far back our history goes.

Researching Your Family Ancestry

At least 200 adult Guthries immigrated to America and put down roots in various parts of the country between 1650 and the late 1800's.

The vast collective research is determined by each Guthrie family tree and the number of generations each family has been growing in America. The families that arrived in late 1800s have fewer than five generations, while others immigrated well before the American Revolution in 1776 may now have ten or more generations.

The Clan's "Database of Family Descendancy Charts" was created in 1990, and it has been growing since that time. Please submit your direct line of descent, from yourself leading back to the earliest generation that can be sufficiently documented. Information will be compared with previously submitted charts and entered. When a link is found to ancestors previously entered, all related submitters will be identified and a copy of the expanded Descendancy Chart will be shared. We encourage "Newly-found cousins" to share and extend further research.

The Clan Guthrie News includes a "Genealogy Update" section, where we share new family tree research, history, and stories.

Member Resources

Clan Guthrie USA maintains a membership roster that contains a field for genealogy information. We use a code that identifies the earliest Guthrie ancestor to which a member can be traced. An update of this roster is provided to each member of Clan Guthrie annually. By referring to this code, you can see if a link has been made in a family pedigree chart to an earlier ancestor (i.e., if the code changes, a new ancestor has been established). This system is very useful and convenient. By scanning the membership roster genealogy reference codes, you can locate clan members most closely related to you.

Guthrie Genealogy information is provided by dedicated clan members, with a very special thanks for all of Lolita Guthrie's years of research and service. In 2018, Mike Guthrie graciously agreed to act as Genealogy Coordinator for Clan Guthrie. Please direct your ancestry communications to Mike. Thanks, Cousin Mike! Click to learn more about Mike.

Guthrie and Allied Families

A popular source of research for beginning Guthrie genealogists is Lawrence Guthrie's book, "Guthrie and Allied Families." Originally printed in 1933, this book was reprinted by Mabel Guthrie Lee in 1985. This book is no longer in print. Please contact a Clan Guthrie genealogy representative if you need a copy or have a copy available.

Online Assistance

The Clan Guthrie Descendancy chart is available here in MS Word '97 format for Guthrie of Guthrie, beginning with Alexander Guthrie (1410-1470). To help with your planning, you can print blank copies of an "Ancestor Chart" or "Family Group Chart".

Here are some useful genealogy websites:

Collected Guthrie family trees (thanks to Ann Guthrie!)

FamilyTreeDNA.com (Guthrie Pages) is dedicated to the Guthrie DNA project

GuthrieGenealogy.com offers more readable results from the Guthrie DNA project

Clan Guthrie U.K. descendents from Dr Thomas Guthrie (1803-1873), Philanthropist and Lay Preacher in Brechin.

...and some other genealogy research websites:

The Social Security Death Index is a search engine for death records of ancestors

Ellis Island Foundation is an excellent source for American immigrants

New England Genealogical Society has extensive colonial records

Federation of Genealogical Societies lists local and specific genealogy organizations